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  1. neckerisle on Sun, 30th May 2010 7:28 am 

    Oh I’m so happy I’ve finally found you people. I couldn’t ever imagine there were so many fans out there! When Catherine died I felt sick for weeks. I could hardly bear the pain! In fact I cried and cried thinking about Vincent cause he just didn’t deserve it. I still remember the whole thing and ask myself why the creators and the plot writers gave the whole thing such an awful ending to this beautiful love story!

  2. Emma on Mon, 14th Jun 2010 9:06 pm 

    It’s good to see so many Beauty and the Beast fans! I’m a new fan myself, I only found the show less than a year ago, but I love it and feel like I’ve always been one of the family, so to speak! I bought the complete series on DVD and had a marathon. It’s such a beautiful show! There’s never been anything quite like it. I know I’m not the only one who wants to live in the Tunnels. :) I love BatB fans! Catherine and Vincent will live on in our hearts forever.

  3. Leslie on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 5:45 am 

    I always felt happy and sad when Vincent and Catherine were together. I wish the writers of the show didn’t take away the bond that they shared because that made the show magical.

  4. mobass on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 5:50 am 

    Worst ending in TV history. nuff said.

  5. Mena on Thu, 28th Oct 2010 2:52 pm 

    This is one of the most beautiful love stories. I miss it.

  6. lesa on Fri, 29th Oct 2010 10:51 pm 

    i am a huge fan of the show and still love watching reruns of the show! i need help though, ive been trying to find the name of the book that father and vincent read from on the show. if anyone can help me i would be greatful

  7. lindiloop on Wed, 5th Jan 2011 3:28 am 

    Beauty and the Beast was one of my all time favorite shows. I fell in love with the characters and the romance between Vincent and Catherine. I also cried for days and grieved with Vincent when Catherine was killed. I never thought I could ever get that connected to characters in a TV show. However, the book Loves Journey to Awakening by Laurel Haws has provided me at least one plausible happier ending. I continue to follow the acting careers of Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton who have since become my favorite actors.

  8. Tamara on Sat, 12th Mar 2011 7:37 pm 

    I was absolutely devastated when I learned that Catharine’s character was killed off! I sobbed my heart out, and was so mortified with the turn the show took. I didn’t care for another female lead, and if the show could not continue (due to Linda Hamilton wanting to leave), then they should have ended the series with a “happily ever after,” and given their fans what we all long for.
    I have never been so touched and so moved, as I have with Beauty and the Beast. It was hands down, the single most magical and heartfelt show I have ever seen. Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton were remarkably breathtaking as Vincent and Catherine. Their chemistry and their bond was sheer genius, stemmed from a place of utmost sincerity and true caring.
    Beauty and the Beast was an absolute delight and in my opinion, completely destroyed in the last season. The two leads, were what made the show, they were the heart and soul of this retelling of a timeless classic. I have never come across such characters full of conviction, intensity and sheer devotion, until I discovered Beauty and the Beast.
    This show will be sorely missed and greatly remembered as a special love story, which touched our lives in a very infinite and profound way. I only wish the turn of events , could have worked in our favor, as like many I’m sure, yearned to have the fairytale ending only dreamt of in storybooks.

  9. Karen L. Haws-Dearing on Sat, 27th Aug 2011 7:12 pm 

    It did my heart a great deal of good to see that “lindiloop” enjoyed my journey of the imagination, Love’s Journey to Awakening–Beauty and the Beast–Happily Ever After, written under my pen-name Laurel Cain Haws. I too really identified with this heart-warming television series and, having suffered the loss of my own eternal companion, felt compelled to write that happy continuation of the series when Catherine’s death and Vincent’s subsequent pain caused me terrible grief and anguish over fictional characters. The free download of my novel is available at Lulu.com.

    I, just like these other lovely fans of Beauty and the Beast, would love to see the series restored with new seasons and episodes. As I have stated on my own website, Ron Koslow was truly a genius in assembling a cast of actors whose chemistry with one another on-screen was quite magical. To me, Ron Perlman’s and Linda Hamilton’s starring roles in Beauty and the Beast have been unparalleled by anything I have seen them in since. Karen L. Haws-Dearing (Laurel Cain Haws)

  10. arabica on Mon, 12th Sep 2011 2:18 pm 

    So glad i finally found the dvd box a few weeks ago ! I remember watching the series back in 1987, and always wanted it on video or dvd….at least i have it ! Been watching nights on end, and crying every time….. such a wonderfull story!

  11. Barbara Jean Peters on Sat, 14th Jan 2012 4:14 pm 

    I’m just getting back into BATB fandom after GAFIATing since 1992 for reasons Linda is familiar with. It’s my panacea. And I’m delighted that it is being revived with the original crew.

    In particular, I would like to see the offerings of accouterments I had for Star Trek, my second and far lesser addiction. I want concordance, The World of, The Making of, more of the Holderidge and Davis soundtracks, more of Vincent’s readings AND Catherine’s. They weren’t offered with the original series. They should be produced in tandem with the new series.

    This time, tell me the Nelson ratings have met their demise, that there is an accurate way to fathom hits on hits! I don’t believe for a minute that the third season was less our Beauty and the Beast. Remember Love. The production and acting and scripts were excellent. Diana was an apt substitute for Catherine. Granted we loved Catherine best, since Terminator, but Diana suited the “new” Vincent.

    I’m on a library computer, usually watching BATB while reconstructing scripts I can’t get on BATBForever and that website with only four episodes. I want to reconstruct my collection of calendars, bookmarks, novels, photos, etc. For the whole of Westchester County, New York, there is only one Of Love and Hope. I’d like to encourage fans to checkout BATB materials from their local libraries even if they own copies. It smacks of authors buying their own books, I know, but the series deserves it.

    I invite fans to email me. Keep me up to date.
    Tell me where to go. Unlike Star Trek, there is no Trekker’s Guide to the Internet. Something else that should be produced.

    Thanks for this forum.

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