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  1. Ashra on Sat, 7th Jul 2012 10:13 pm 

    I’ve had a random sequel to this show floating in my noggin for sometime. It focuses not so much on Vincent.. and yes it takes the unpopular view where Catherine dies. Basically it focuses mainily on Cordelia and her brother Jacob. Cordelia is the daughter of Vincent and Dianna , and she was born in 1996 shortly after the Vincent’s father dies of old age. She also inherited the same condition as Vincent, (hence the name Cordelia, from King Lear, the only person who knows her fathers truth). but in her heart she feels as though she is not the only other one…

    I keep having dreams, dreams since the towers crashed. I remember following Jacob my brother to the world above, I was only a small girl, only 5. I was expecting the world above to be full of beauty and light. I got there and there was light, it was almost blinding, the sun so bright and noises of busy cars and shouting people.
    I called out to Jake to stop , to wait , then thats when the plane hit the tower, out of a clear blue sky I saw smoke. I heard the screams and then I felt them….
    I felt and was connected with thousands of screaming and paniced souls, not just in the city but all those watching the city burn, and one of those was a little girl..

    A little girl like me, I knew then I and my father where not the only one I knew when she cried out for me to save her a million miles away. And now I still dream of her, she will not be silent, she needs me to save her to protect her…

    I knew in my heart before my mom and dad came to get me, my dad actualy came out in broad daylight to save me and since then things have been strained. He thinks he cursed me with his condition. What he doesn’t see it’s not a “condition” we are a kind, there are others like us, others begging for help, but I’m trapped below in this world “protected” by my mom and dad.. and my brother is off fighting some senseless war in a desert. So now when I can, I slip beneath the shadows and escape, at night of course.. I’m not an idiot.

    Figures, he sees the moon and a carousel, I see the bright glittering sun and see and feel three thousand people die. And they wonder why I’m so cynical.

    Kipper lends me his computer so I can see the outside world, I have scoured the boards and not one has posted that feels like us.. I have found a few “furry ” sights but those are mearly disturbing post from pretenders. But I know she, or they are out there, somewhere in the world, and I will find them.. somehow.

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